Knobs control Dirac energy in topological insulators

Four knobs - bulk stoichiometry, surface decoration, temperature, and photon exposure - are shown to control the energy of Dirac surface states in topological insulators, and can be used to determine the true 'flat band' energy band alignment at the surface of binary, ternary or quaternary 3D TI's.

Interfacing 3D topological insulator BSTS with Ag, Fe and Nb published in PRB

PRB now out on the electronic structure of interfaces between the bulk insulating 3D topological insulator BSTS and a commonly used contact metal (Ag), a magnetic metal (Fe) and a superconductor (Nb) metal on the bulk TI BSTS.

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Switching speed limit in magnetite.
Switching speed limit in magnetite.

Magnetite is a model system for understanding correlated oxides. Nevertheless, the exact mechanism of the insulator–metal, or Verwey, transition has long remained inaccessible. In our Nature Materials paper published in the summer of 2013 we show that we can switch this material from insulating to metallic on unprecedented short time scales.

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